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Antes de tiempo – tratamientos concisos para una vida más larga.

Bienvenidos al centro teranóstico Molecular Internal NUclide ThErapy (MINUTEmedical) en Viena. Le ofrecemos una gama completa de todas las terapias moleculares internas con radionúclidos y de los métodos de diagnóstico disponibles actualmente con la más alta calidad y excelencia científica.

La terapia con radionúclidos con ligandos marcados con lutecio-177 [177Lu] o actinio-225 [225Ac] es un tratamiento de radiación dirigida a nivel molecular. Utiliza enzimas o receptores en la superficie de las células cancerosas inherentes a ciertos tipos de cáncer para administrar los radiofármacos y destruir el tumor y las metástasis directamente con un daño mínimo al tejido sano circundante. El diagnóstico emplea otro emisor de radiación inofensivo, Galio-68 o [68Ga], literalmente para "iluminar" y visualizar las células cancerosas en el escáner TEP/TC.  De esto se trata el concepto de la teranóstica: usar los mismos receptores específicos en las células cancerosas como una estación de acoplamiento para administrar radiación dirigida tanto para la terapia como para el diagnóstico. "Ver el objetivo, tratar al objetivo."

Nuestras ofertas terapéuticas para usted:

Terapia de PSMA contra el cáncer de próstata 177Lu-PSMA y 225Ac-PSMA

Terapia con radio-péptidos análogos de somatostatina contra los tumores neuroendocrinos 177Lu-DOTATATE

Terapia de metástasis óseas con dicloruro de radio-223 Ra-223 (Xofigo®)

Nuestras ofertas diagnósticas para usted:

Preparamos los radioligandos en nuestro propio laboratorio individualmente para cada paciente según sus necesidades médicas específicas, lo que garantiza la mejor atención posible e inmediata y un suministro ininterrumpido. Con miles de tratamientos de radioligando realizados, nuestro equipo cuenta con la experiencia verdaderamente excepcional.

En el corazón de una de las ciudades más hermosas del mundo, nos encargamos de su bienestar con máxima formalidad, adaptándonos a sus necesidades. Nuestro concepto combina un tratamiento personal y específico de acuerdo al tipo de enfermedad que presente con un tiempo de estancia mínima en nuestras instalaciones. Por lo tanto, sus actividades de rutina y de negocios se verán escasamente afectadas. Con nuestro servicio, le garantizamos un tratamiento individual y discreto, de inicio a fin.

Además de nuestra asistencia personal, la cual se extiende más allá de su estancia en MINUTE medical, le ofrecemos técnicas de laboratorio actualizadas y amplia experiencia científica de nuestro equipo. Somos su enlace directo a la medicina más moderna y quedamos a su disposición en MINUTE medical. Explore este sitio web y contáctenos para una entrevista personal y saber si puede beneficiarse de alguna de nuestras terapias altamente específicas e individualizadas.



Getting connected with Dr. Hartenbach was a blessing. Previous treatment did nothing to slow my prostate cancer that had metastasized into my entire skeletal system and some lymph nodes. Three treatments with Minute medical group and my scan showed no cancer. Even my prostate had no evidence of cancer. From being mostly bed ridden on pain medication to my new self was amazing. Everyone in the clinic was compassionate and every step of the process was discussed and clearly explained. Many prayers went out for my healing and I believe Dr. Hartenbach was part of the answer to those prayers. Please don’t let any fear of this treatment stop you as it is non invasive and I only had one or two episodes of mild nausea. I’ve included photos of my before and after scans. The black areas on the current scan are not cancer but the normal expulsion of the contrast drug through my kidneys, bladder and salivary glands. My thanks goes to God and this wonderful team at Minute Medical.

Dan E.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer in August 2019. I received antihormonal, chemotherapy and radiation therapy with 28 treatments to my prostate and 5 treatments to my bones. As a result, my PSA was undetectable. In June of 2021 my PSA began to rise and I started second generation antihormonal medication as well as a second round of chemotherapy from July until October, at which time the side effects of the chemotherapy became unmanageable. I was left with sever neuropathy in both of my legs and feet. Tumor growth in my lower back had caused paralysis of my right leg. By the end of October 2021, I was losing weight, was mostly bed ridden and had new tumors on my lungs, liver and bones.
My oncologist recommended radioligand therapy with Lutetium-PSMA. From December 21st, 2021 to February, 16th, 2022, I underwent a treatment course of 3 sessions at MINUTEmedical in Vienna: one with 225Ac-PSMA and two with 177Lu-PSMA. Dr. Hartenbach was very helpful, explained everything in understandable terms and was always there for me throughout the whole treatment duration and afterwards. Side effects were minimal: fatigue and nausea.
The results have been great. Metastases in my bones, liver and lungs have disappeared and PSA value has fallen from 1.9 to 0.05 with no other treatment conducted. The cancer is now in remission. I’m back to walking 3 miles a day and gaining weight. My pain has gone from an 8 out of 10 to a 1 out of 10. I am extremely grateful and appreciative to Doctor Hartenbach and his team. You have given me a new lease on life. THANK YOU.

Roger Zacher

was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015 (Gleason 9) which, despite treatment, eventually recurred and metastasized into my lymph nodes and seminal vesicles. To control the spread, was put on ADT which had horrible side effects that made my life miserable, worse than the disease itself (was told at the time by my advanced prostate cancer specialist that "you are not going to like this").
Seeking an alternative to ADT so could live normal life, in 2021 was referred to Dr. Hartenbach for Lu-177 PSMA therapy. After three rounds of Lu-177 PSMA treatment, the metastasis has disappeared, there is no tumor growth outside the prostate, there is only minimal residual PSMA in the prostate (all confirmed by PSMA PET/CT scan), and my PSA has dropped to 0.57. All this with no significant side effects beyond some fatigue after treatment, which resolved quickly. The treatment itself was easy and Dr. Hartenbach took plenty of time to review my test results and clearly explain everything to my satisfaction. am now back to 'watchful waiting' and not on any medication for prostate cancer. work full time.
can't recommend Dr. Hartenbach and Lu-177 PSMA therapy enough to anyone with similar diagnosis. wish had never heard of ADT and, at the time, could have done Lu-177 PSMA instead. My family and thank Dr. Hartenbach sincerely.


Your personalized experience with Dr. Hartenbach is the beginning of a life changing journey. Caring, knowledge beyond belief, amazing results, thorough follow-up. I have been researching and consulting prostate treatment for eight years , MINUTEmedical is, SPECIAL.

John G.

Professor Markus Hartenbach is an incredible medical professional.
It is so rare to find a Professor like Professor Hartenbach. Not only he has taken great care of my health problems, but also he has the wisdom of advice when you speak with him at every appointment. Indeed it is wonderful to find a Professor that combines such personal touch and care for us patients with his outstanding qualities of medical care. I especially loved how Professor Hartenbach took his time to explicitly explain my health conditions as well as my treatment options.
To make this long journey short, my treatment was 100% successful in terms of taking off my metastasis cancer and now I am living life on my second term. His resources and amazing knowledge to treat patients are a jewel and world-class in this particular medical field.
Professor Hartenbach's demeanor has really put me at ease and made me always feel like as  I am a member of his extended family circle.
We cancer patients need human beings like the PROFESSOR.
God bless YOU PROFESSOR and more Power.

Martin E.-S.

After exhausting all available treatment options for my Fourth Stage Prostate Cancer in the USA, I was fortunate enough to find   Dr. Hartenbach and Minute Medical.
The method of nuclear medicine and Lutetium treatment gave me a new lease on life, and the treatment I received worked very well on me with minimal side effects.
 Dr. Hartenbach and his medical team are not only true professionals but also wonderful human beings.

Steven F.