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177Lu-PSMA in taxane-naïve patients

Effectiveness of 177Lu-PSMA without prior chemotherapy

Since the end of the VISION trial that proved 177Lu-PSMA to be an effective treatment of metastasized prostate cancer, the next question arose – does it work even better if applied earlier in the course of the disease? An exciting study has now demonstrated that 177Lu-PSMA applied prior to chemotherapy is indeed more effective.

The metaanalysis was designed to evaluate the impact of prior taxane chemotherapy on response and survival in mCRPC patients after 177Lu-PSMA RLT.

It pooled together 13 studies comprising 2.068 patients. The results were:

  • Taxane-naïve patients had 1,82 times better odds of biochemical response, i.e. 1,8 higher chances of no PSA rise.
  • Taxane-naïve status was a predictor of both: significantly better progression-free survival (over 40%) and overall survival (over 46%).

Another clinical trial underway looks at the effectiveness of 177Lu-PSMA RLT in parallel with the anti-hormonal Androgen Deprivation Therapy. Results are expected in Q3 2024.