• Therapie der Zukunft: we fight your cancer

Interview with a patient


The patient A.G., 72 y.o., a molecular biologist himself, was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer in September 2018. After the conventional standard-of-care treatment (chemo- and antihormonal therapy) there were still residues of the primary tumour in the prostate, and lymph nodes and bone metastases. Up to date he has gone through 9 sessions (3 cycles) of 177Lu-PSMA therapy in the course of three years, initiating a new cycle once a routine control 68Ga-PSMA PET/CT detected PSMA expressing cancer lesions. The therapy has been extremely successful for A.G.: high response and hardly any side effects. Targeted radioligand therapy brings us much closer to the goal of making prostate cancer just another treatable chronic disease, at the same time preserving a decent quality of life, much like e.g. diabetes.