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欢迎来到维也纳MINUTE 医疗中心。在这里,我们为您提供最高质量最科学的分子内部放射性核素治疗。位于世界上最美丽的城市之一的中心,我们会根据您的需求为您的健康打造最严谨的、量身定制的治疗方法。我们的理念是:在最短的时间内,给您的肿瘤疾病提供高度针对性的个体化治疗方案。因此,完全的减少了对您的工作以及日常生活的影响。从您到达、治疗直到离开,我们保证给您个体化的、完全不被打扰的治疗以及服务。除了我们的个人帮助(包括您在本院治疗之前以及之后的时间),我们团队还提供了最新的实验技术以及科学专业知识。因此,我们是您与最先进技术联系的直接纽带,并且在MINUTE医疗中心始终给您提供个体化服务。浏览此网站并联系我们,进行 个人咨询 ,以确定您是否可以从我们提供的高度特异性和个体化疗法中受





After exhausting all available treatment options for my Fourth Stage Prostate Cancer in the USA, I was fortunate enough to find  Dr. Hartenbach and Minute Medical.
The method of nuclear medicine and Lutetium treatment gave me a new lease on life, and the treatment I received worked very well on me with minimal side effects.
Dr. Hartenbach and his medical team are not only true professionals but also wonderful human beings.

Steven F.

Professor Markus Hartenbach is an incredible medical professional.
It is so rare to find a Professor like Professor Hartenbach. Not only he has taken great care of my health problems, but also he has the wisdom of advice when you speak with him at every appointment. Indeed it is wonderful to find a Professor that combines such personal touch and care for us patients with his outstanding qualities of medical care. I especially loved how Professor Hartenbach took his time to explicitly explain my health conditions as well as my treatment options.
To make this long journey short, my treatment was 100% successful in terms of taking off my metastasis cancer and now I am living life on my second term. His resources and amazing knowledge to treat patients are a jewel and world-class in this particular medical field.
Professor Hartenbach's demeanor has really put me at ease and made me always feel like as  I am a member of his extended family circle.
We cancer patients need human beings like the PROFESSOR.
God bless YOU PROFESSOR and more Power.

Martin E.-S.

Your personalized experience with Dr. Hartenbach is the beginning of a life changing journey. Caring, knowledge beyond belief, amazing results, thorough follow-up. I have been researching and consulting prostate treatment for eight years , MINUTEmedical is, SPECIAL.

John G.